Taking the Lead

If you aren’t Leading- You are following! The taking the Lead workshop is an inspirational ½ days session designed for individuals who are struggling taking charge of their life. Through this session, learners will identify potential areas that are holding them back from being the LEADER of their own life. This course is designed to as a platform for individuals who desire to remove barriers that may hinder them from LEADING a life they always wanted.

Living Your Best Life

You only have one life- Make it your BEST! The Living your Best Life Workshop uses creative techniques to explore oneself. Through this experience, clients are able to tap into areas that are often ignored during day to day life. By taking a deeper dive into the self, individuals are able to increase their appreciation for their unique qualities, positioning them to put them to work. Living your Best Life is a personal journey, completed in a group setting where NO two clients end up at the same destination. Why? because we were created as a WORK OF ART, worth more than we can begin to imagine.

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