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You Are a Work of Art

Every Human is Truly a Work of Art!

A prized possession to this earth worth more than many may ever grow to know and others may ever come to realize. As a certified coach, my job is to help individuals to identify the unique footprint they are designed to leave on this earth, help them to appreciate the value it will add to this world, and position them to walk in it fully.

I know first hand what it is like to not know your true worth. I grew up disliking who I was and wondering WHY ON EARTH am I here! UNTIL I realized that every intricate detail of who I am and every experience makes me fiercely unique and invaluable beyond measure.

Now, I dedicate my life to helping others identify their greatness. My hope is that every person I am blessed to coach reaches their full potential and leaves a lasting legacy for this world to remember forever.

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Working Together For Your Better Life

Personal Coaching

One-on-One sessions focused on exploring personal topics of the client’s choice in an effort to create change for personal success.

Professional Coaching

One-on-one sessions focused on the clients career goals. Sessions are geared toward those looking to transform their professional career.

Recovery Coaching

One-on-one sessions focused on walking the client through the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that have them stuck in the cycle of recovery.

Spiritual Coaching

On-on-one sessions focused on the spiritual
life of the client in an effort to assist in
accomplishing spiritual goals.

Group Coaching

The Design your Destiny coaching process is designed by the clients. This group coaching process brings the coaching conversation.

Couples Coaching

A couple’s session focusing on creating relationship change by exploring roadblocks that arise and finding ways to use them as a bridge to greatness.

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